Green Star Foliage

Green Star Foliage
      specializing in aglaomena, dieffenbachia,
                                      syngonium & spathiphyllum

Interior Innovations


Episcia 'Chocolate Soldier' Episcia 'Chocolate Soldier'
Episcia 'Jade' Episcia 'Jade'
Episcia 'My Previous' Episcia 'My Previous'
Episcia 'Not Named Yet' Episcia 'Not Named Yet'
Episcia 'Pink Brocade' Episcia 'Pink Brocade'
Episcia 'Pink Dream' Episcia 'Pink Dream'
Episcia 'Pink Panther' Episcia 'Pink Panther'
Episcia 'Temptation' Episcia 'Temptation'
Episcia 'Tiger Stripe' Episcia 'Tiger Stripe'
Episcia 'Tyrolia' Episcia 'Tyrolia'

Many of the Gesneriaceae family are from tropical locations around the world. Named after naturalist Konrad von Gesner, Gesnariads   consist of 3000 species and 133 genera. We have chosen or developed hardy and beautiful flowering pots, hanging baskets in a wide variety of sizes.

Known as a “Lipstick vine” because of their brighty colored tubular flowers. They are a tough vining Gesnariad with flamboyant flowers, are easy to grow and make fabulous hanging baskets. We have selected the most reliable bloomers from among the 100’s of cultivars available. Hardy under shade. Keep from frost.

An interesting group of Gesnariads originally from Asia are grown for their interesting foliage and/or colorful showy flowers. The culture is similar to African Violets.They are suitable for bright window or light stands. Their thick succulent leaves make them extremely hardy and easy to grow.

Columnea are colorful vigorous members of the Gesnariad family. They are epiphites in nature and most have a trailing growth habit and multiple flowers which make them suitable for hanging baskets. Their numerous exotic flowers resemble birds in flight. They may be grown in well lighted areas or shaded outdoors. They may stay outdoors in frost free areas. Our offerings include our favorites of older hybrids as well as the best selection from our inhouse breeding program.

Also know as flame violets Episcia are a very colorful member of the Gesnariad family having beautifully patterned leaves and striking colorful flowers. Episcia like bright light and warm temperatures. We produce them for spring and summer in a variety of pot sizes. Pre-books welcome.

Kohleria are a Gesnariad noted for their highly colored and spotted tubular flower as well as their velvety leaves. They grow from-----rhizomes but------go completely dormant. They prefer moderately warm conditions with a fair amount of humidity and bright filtered light. They may be used as a patio or in a shaded landscape.

A hardy, flowering Gesnariad. Nearly all produce tubers at their base that grow larger as the plant matures. Sinningia come in a variety of sizes, leaf textures and flower color. See individual listings for complete descriptions.

A wonderful genus of plants which produce large numbers of brightly colored flowers year round . The hybrids that we have selected are compact growers and dependable bloomers. They are easily cultivated in a bright window, under a light stand, or on a porch or patio if temperatures are not extreme.